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Enjoy a Low Interest Visa Credit Card from Glatco Credit Union!


VisaFor your convenience, we offer our members a low-interest Visa Classic Credit Card that can be used for purchases and cash advances.


You may use your Visa Credit Card to make purchases or obtain cash anywhere that the "Visa" logo is displayed.  There is no annual fee or cash advance fee with our card.  You'll pay no finance charge when you pay your balance in full within the 25 day grace period.  Otherwise the annual percentage rate for purchases and cash advances on your average daily balance is 11.75% APR.  


To request an application and disclosure information for our Visa Credit Card, please contact the credit union using the email icon to your left.


Glatco Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card 
Summary of Terms


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


11.75% APR

  Cash Advances 

11.75% APR

  Balance Transfer

11.75% APR

Grace Period for Purchases

25 days

Method of computing balance for purchases

Average Daily Balance (Including new purchases)

Annual Fee


Minimum Finance Charge


Transaction Fee


Balance Transfer Fee


Late Payment Fee


Over-the-Credit Limit Fee


Returned Check Fee



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